Picnic at a winery of your choice – only $15 per person!

One of my favorite catering gigs, right now, is tailgating or picnics. What that means is that I show up with the plates, silver and tablecloth – and all the food – and LEAVE it! You sit and enjoy, at your leisure and toss away garbage when you are done.

The wineries, locally, are a favorite for me to set up a picnic. You can go buy a bottle of wine, enjoy the scenery and just soak up the afternoon. Your entire meal will be waiting, at your table – for instance an appetizer, sandwich, salad and dessert will cost you $15 per person – choose between The New Kent Winery or   Saude Creek Vinyard or Gauthier Vineyard.

The Williamsburg Winery has their own restaurant, on premises; you are on your own over there. Here are some photos of the venues – considering your next picnic & wine tasting to be catered by Elite Cuisine!


New Kent Winery - Elite Cuisine catering picnic New Kent Winery - Elite Cuisine catering picnicGaunthier Vineyard - Elite Cuisine Catering Saude Creek  Winery - Elite Cuisine catering picnic Saude Creek  Winery - Elite Cuisine catering picnic

Thinking of proposing? Thinking of entertaining out of town guest – out of your house? Thinking of a relaxed picnic? How about thinking of the winery, catered picnic – either New Kent Winery, Saude Creek Vineyard or Gauthier Vineyard.  Then,  start enjoying of a lovely, relaxed and leisurely lunch on the veranda with a bottle of wine and NO FUSS – start by giving Elite Cuisine a call (757) 592-3380  and I will have lunch waiting!

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