Mother’s Night Out, at Saude Creek Vineyards!

I love the little business that I have built. I love that I get to do what I love the best – COOK with love. And this weekend, Elite Cuisine is providing for several ladies that are taking a break from their toddlers at Saude Creek Vineyards.

catering at the winery, Elite Cuisine VA


All these moms homeschool – all of the moms have toddlers at home and a fair amount of them have ALL boys – they REALLY deserve a break: put on lipstick, sip a great glass of wine and giggle about things that don’t matter. I am honored to be providing dinner and dessert for this group of awesome mommies! I deliver the meal at only $15 a piece. This particular event they ordered Baked Brie, garlic bread, baked ziti, salad, and dessert (brownie bites). I hope that we hear them giggling from here! They deserve a break and an evening overlooking the grounds at the winery, listening to some nice acoustic music, sounds like the break they need! 

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